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We offer the following courses:

Name of CourseAverage Course TimeCost*Register For a Class
CPR/AED: Adult, Pediatric & Infant (Workplace/Community)90 Minutes$25.00Click Here
CPR for the Healthcare Professional: Basic Life Support (BLS)120 Minutes$25.00Click Here
Basic First Aid: Adult, Pediatric & Infant150 Minutes$25.00Click Here
Bloodborne Pathogens90 Minutes$25.00

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Emergency Medical Technician Course

We also offer an EMT Course. The EMS University EMT Course consists of a total of 180 hours. Specifically, this is a total of 148 hours of didactic instruction, 4 hours of practical examination assistance, 16 hours of clinical rotations and 12 hours of vehicular rotations (28 hours externship total). Course hours are subject to change with appropriate notification to the student/applicant. This course shall meet and/or exceed the United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Emergency Medical Technician National Standard Curriculum guidelines and 2009, the National EMS Education Standards as well as meet Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of EMS education standards. A student is not permitted to be absent from the course. Students who miss more than 10 hours from the class may be dismissed from the program and will not receive a refund of course fees. Click here to learn more.

Questions? Call or Text (800) 728-0209